Uisneach Fire Festival 2015

Uisneach Festival 2015-1

I attended the Uisneach Festival last weekend for the first time. It was excellent fun and I would highly recommend it. Our ancestors on Bealtaine (May time), lit a fire on the Hill to mark the coming of summer. The lighting of the Uisneach fire was the signal for igniting fires on many hills across the whole island creating a unique fire eye with Uisneach being the pupil. Located between Athlone and Mullingar, County Westmeath, the Hill of Uisneach has been occupied for over 5000 years, pre-dating the first Egyptian pyramid at Djoser by 1000 years. The current owners David and Angela Clarke are the promoters of this years celebration. David said recently “Uisneach is unique with a global resonance, it is markedly different to any other heritage destination I see around me in Ireland. Although I’m first and foremost a farmer I want to see the site ‘open up’ over the coming years … this genuinely memorable celebration gives us the opportunity to welcome new and old friends.”  This year they changed the date by a week due a storm and heavy rain last week. The fire lighting ceremony was spectacular celebration and it was a great thing to witness. Hopefully the first of many.  ‪#‎Uisneach‬ ‪#‎UisneachFireFestival‬ ‪#‎liamkidneyphotography‬

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