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I recently covered the wedding of Aoife Halligan and Trevor Phelan in Boher Church, Co. Offaly.  I started in the grooms home house.  All the lads were in flying form and we got great photos in the garden.  The neighbours tractor even made a great background for the lads.    The bride’s house was  a lot calmer.  The little flowergirls dresses looked so cute next to the Bride’s dress.  The church was recently renovated and looked great for the ceremony.    The grounds of the church were really pretty and it was perfect to use for background for the wedding photos.  The weather was very changeable so we got some “safe shots”before we headed to Birr castle for the wedding party photos.  It was a fantastic location and well worth the entrance fee.  The gardens looked stunning and I loved the walled garden which was in full bloom.  There was also great waterfall and it all worked together to make some lovely wedding photos.  The reception was held in the County Arms Hotel in Birr Co. Offaly.  Simon Casey who is married to the bride’s sister provided the music.  The dance floor was full as I headed off after the first dance.  A very enjoyable day with such a fun couple!


Hotel; County Arms Hotel Birr

Church; Boher Church

Birr Castle


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